Website Assistance

Are you struggling to build your website? We could build your website with you, we only build websites with ‘WordPress’ though. If you need help and are ready to give up then let us build your perfect website interactively and together, we will help you and advise you, and we will even make the changes with you if necessary. To learn how to design, create and implement your new website will give you confidence to update, improve and run your website from the beginning, if you do have problems in the future then we will would love to help you again. (Read more).

Websites for sale

There are a number of websites that are ready to go, if you like a particular website then you can purchase it. If you want us to add, remove, update anything then we will be pleased to do that for you too. We also can add any plugins you need to fine tune your new website to act and interact just how you want in order to show off your business in its best light. Once the website is to your liking and ready to go we then give you the login details to the WordPress panel and its ready to go and all yours. (Read more)

Websites - Special Build

We will build you a website from scratch if you need anything more involved than a standard website, there are so many plugins that can go together and once finely tuned to work together can create online shops, booking sites, chatrooms, contact pages, profile sites, membership sites, travel sites and so many other types of active and interactive websites. Choosing color schemes, page styles, text types and frame styles are easily added, changed or removed until the website is perfect to use and navigate with the bonus that the website also looks incredible! (Read more)

Website Templates

We have built a few basic templates with WordPress, it is setup with all the necessary plugins to get you started. All the settings are easily changed so you can change the framework, colors, text and layout. if you create a plan of what your website is for and how you want it to act and react then that will help you a lot! We have also added some questions for you to answer so that we can add or remove anything we feel you will or will not need. (Read more).

We also run Websites

We build and run websites, some we run for our customers and some we actually run for ourselves. We run an Advertising website called ‘Jumbo Ads‘ and ‘Counties Quiz‘ which is a large site for competitions. We will also build and run a website for you too.. (Read more)